Tra le zagare - the most beautiful season of the year

venerdì 19 aprile 2013

Someting worth remembering: This is the season of le zagare - the citrus flower blossoms blossoming. I mean lemons and sweet orange trees are full with their tiny white and slightly opaque flowers. In these days, by mid-April, in addition to wisteria, you can feel their scent now all over town, a mesmerizing perfume clouds floating in the streets. Simply a pleasure, a sign that spring is now, at the beginning of the second half of April, at its very best. 
You can see zitrus flowers blossoming in the orchards now - next to ripe fruits
It is the limone sfusato della Costa d'Amalfi trees that are now in full bloom. Actually, in Positano, as well as in Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, you get three main harvests of citrus fruits. For lemons, this means that now the spring harvest has begun. It is between March and June that you get especially fine fruits. But then, you can harvest lemons all year long, and also between mid-December and February. But before you will be able to read more about lemons in the posts to come, enjoy the pictures of le zagare. And in the next post, we will be presenting a garden cafe in the midst of a lemon grove ...
Fiore di zagara - here you can also see, to the left, where the petals have already gone, a young lemon fruit
Last week, the fig leaves were already quite developing. This is a view from Via Colombo down towards the Spiaggia Grande, and Li Galli islands in the distance

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