Where to view as many beaches in Positano as possible

martedì 30 aprile 2013

Belvedere della Madonnina is a great place to take in Positano's location of beaches. And there are quite a few that can be spotted from here. Coming from the Sorrento direction, just before you enter Positano (Calitta), you cannot mistake this lookout post high above the sea. No matter whether you come here in the morning or in the evening, in my case. 
Here it is - the Belvedere above Calitta, adorned with oleander bushes (not yet in bloom), olive trees, and the statue of the Madonna (Madonnina)
A sort of "terraced" wall makes you feel safe, even if you lean out just a bit to take pictures. View towards the Chiesa Nuova
And from this place, located just above the hotel Le Agavi, a 5-star-hotel boasting a funicular train that brings guests down to the hotel's beach (spiaggia Remmese), you can spot the beaches. There are actually several terraced levels connected with each other and protected by thick stone walls, so you can lean out and enjoy the panorama for as long as you like.
Below the grounds belonging to Hotel Le Agavi begin. You can also see torre Clavel, the small tower which also rents luxurious rooms, take a look at their homepage here. I will be running a post about the meaning of these torri a bit later on.
So all these beaches will be introduced as this Blog develops.

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